Time for Change

Material savings
Up to 30 per cent less cement used thanks to basket arch and hollow core ceilings
Building materials
Materials 100 per cent manufactured in Germany
Energy savings thanks to the innovative façade structure
Smart Office
Power savings thanks to intelligent lighting, lift and ventilation systems
Approx. 30 per cent reduction in the required air volumes through the use of efficient displacement ventilation and very low-polluting building materials
Fresh water
Approx. 600 m³ of rainwater used each year to reduce the need for drinking water
District heating
Load peaks covered by district heating
130 bike parking spaces with charging facilities for e-bikes

Time to reset

Solar energy

Power for operating the central building systems is generated by around 3,900 m² of photovoltaic panels

Heat recovery

The building is heated and cooled by using heating and cooling pumps to recover energy and primarily by using previously unutilised waste heat from the existing building

Green electricity

Only green electricity is used for residual energy needs

Geothermal energy

Resources are saved by using thermal pile activation for heating and cooling


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Highest demands on a healthy, efficient and sustainable architecture

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Digital infrastructure with excellent connectivity and smart technology


A smart building with added value
for users

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MYND is making an extraordinary contribution to transform local transport

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Pioneering for Tomorrow

Sustainability is ubiquitous. This applies not only to a company’s lines of business, but also its locations. MYND plays a pioneering role here.

Thanks to a considerable reduction in the consumption of resources and a lowering of emissions in the course of planning and construction, the building is protecting the climate even during its construction. What’s more, modern electricity, wind, water and heating technologies and other innovative concepts make the operation of the prestigious project at Alexanderplatz climate-neutral on a permanent basis.

Net-Zero Statement

Companies that move into MYND will not only benefit from lower energy costs. They will also be making a clear statement. For a future that is not dependent on fossil fuels. For a way of doing business that takes responsibility for society and the environment. For healthy workplaces that place the well-being of their employees at the heart of everything they do.