The rental spaces

31 – 32 Offices

ca. 1,170 m² lettable area per floor
(of which approx. 70 m² loggia on the 32nd floor)

Meeting rooms for 18 people
15 fixed/6 mobile workspaces

The bigger picture

The crowning glory of MYND: the top level at a height of 130 metres. With its spacious outdoor terrace and impressive views, it is the star of every event. This is a place for people with vision and big ideas.

08 – 29 Offices

ca. 1,160 m² lettable area per floor
Meeting rooms for 14 people

53 fixed/18 mobile workspaces

Office with a view

MYND extends to dizzying heights. With spectacular views of Berlin and almost 1,160 m² of space, the individual floors provide enough room for inspiring solutions that open the mind to new ideas.

02 – 07 Offices

ca. 1,660 m² lettable area per floor
Meeting rooms for 28 people

60 fixed/32 mobile workspaces

Strong foundations

The floors at basement level offer the same flexibility as the upper storeys of MYND, but are considerably more spacious with an area of around 1,660 m².


Walk right in

Art installations, a café bar, three-metre high ceilings, plenty of glass and light: the lobby of MYND thus not only serves as a grand transit area, but also becomes a meeting point and a place of encounters where its users can spend time.

Everything under one roof

The new Flexibility

In order to remain relevant in the new business world, companies must be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing circumstances.

In MYND, the individual floors can be divided into up to four rental units. These in turn can be individually configured to create single offices, open-plan offices or common areas.
On the second to seventh floors, the rentable space on each floor is around 1,660 m². From the eighth to the 32nd floors, each floor has around 930 m² of rentable space. There is also the option to vertically link the individual floors, allowing the tenants to respond flexibly at any time to changes in their business processes and fully tap their innovative capacity.